Just the word itself causes the body to cringe like nails on a chalk board…STRESS.  No matter whom you are and no matter what form or fashion, at some time in your life you have dealt with “stress” and/or are currently dealing with stress.   But what you may not know is how that six ugly lettered word…STRESS…is making you FAT!

LIFE…it involves physical stress (working out, sitting at a desk for 8+ hours, cooking, etc), emotional stress (we all have family and/or relationships) & environmental stress (city life, work/office environment, pollution etc).  There is truly no way to escape stress while living.  However there are ways to manage STRESS as to not allow it to be the culprit for jiggle in the belly or the jiggle in that “hello/goodbye” wave!

In the world today we are wrapped up in the hustle & bustle of go go go!  It’s the constant state of produce produce produce and be on the go all the time that has those nasty fat cells invading and taking over your body.  It’s this action we all experience on a daily routine basis that causes the body to constantly release chemicals of adrenaline and cortisol.   This never ending level of stress creates a cycle for the body to retain fluid and even stimulate the hormones that regulate the body’s desire for FAT and CARB induced food…comfort food.  Over time, if you are like many Americans who don’t get enough rest or are in that constant “fight or flight/work work work” mind set, your body is simply training itself to become a FAT storing machine instead of the FAT burning machine we want and need it to be.  Now you know why STRESS can be more fattening than chocolate!

This continuous cycle of stress in our lives simply spikes the level of cortisol in the body.  Cortisol not only increases body fat levels but also increases blood pressure, inhibition of the immune system, insulin resistance, decreased bone density and muscle wasting just to name a few.

Can chiropractic help with all this?  Of course!!  Adjustments keep the central nervous system functioning at an optimal level along with many other benefits.  This benefits and keeps your immune system working to help you as best it can in your world of STRESS.

Your thoughts and actions control the amount of stress you experience in your life. It’s up to you to take back control over your life by either learning to manage, change or kick stress to the curb, along with it those extra pounds.

–Dr. Ryan A. Stewart