Boosting Performance and Preventing Injury in You, an Athlete/gym goer

As the leading experts in the musculoskeletal system, chiropractors are many athletes’ top choice for ongoing preventative and performance-based care. Used widely across many sports, chiropractic adjustments and therapies can help to boost overall performance, decrease downtime due to injury and keep athletes in top shape. If you workout consistently, you are an athlete. This does include you!! So give back to […]

Health in Motion

The habits we maintain throughout the day can have lasting effects on the entire body—especially if unmanaged! Therefore, let’s talk about the different ways we can identify and balance out our aches and pains.
Identifying Daily Habits
To get started, you should begin by identifying patterns in your daily routine—think posture or repetitive motions. (Especially while at your work…like where are your monitors placed, where the […]

Which Should You Do First: Cardio or Strength Training?

You hit the gym, and the clock is already ticking: You’ve got 45 minutes to work all of your major muscle groups—oh, and squeeze in some cardio too. But which one should come first?
Sadly, there’s not a cut-and-dry answer: Your priority in the gym depends on your own personal goals, experts say. Someone aiming to lose […]

Move Your Body to Wellness

There’s a reason people working desk jobs experience neck pain and those in physical labor jobs may suffer from low-back problems. In many cases, the habits we keep throughout the day can have lasting effects on the rest of our body—especially if unmanaged!
Identifying Daily Habits
To start out you should begin identifying patterns in your daily routine—think posture or repetitive motions. As chiropractors, our own […]

Prepare Yourself to Prepare Yourself for the Holidays

The holidays: a time for family, fun, winter activities, and WEIGHT GAIN? The early November through mid-January holiday season can be a contributor to yearly weight gain. People who are overweight or obese to begin with are at greater risk of gaining weight during this time period. But it does not have to be that way! Start preparing yourself now for the holidays with these […]

Here’s What Really Happens If You Don’t Wear a Sports Bra

Since we pulled on our first pair of leggings, the sports bra has remained a natural counterpart. And these days—with superstars like Misty Copeland and Ronda Rousey as trendsetters—the racer-back tops have never looked better. But even with the countless sleek shapes and straps available, we can’t overlook those often-steep prices. Which got us thinking: What would actually happen if we ditched sports bras entirely?

The […]

3 Ways To Benefit From an Active Lifestyle

tjbosuMost of us associate exercise with a desire or goal to lose weight. While it is true that increasing your exercise – in combination with a healthy diet – may help you shed some of those excess winter pounds, the benefits of an active lifestyle as a habit extend well beyond reaching your “goal weight.” […]

Why Running Doesn’t (Always) Burn Fat

“My body just can’t (isn’t/won’t) lose weight.” “If you knew. If you knew how hard I’ve been working. You’d understand. You’d know I wasn’t making excuses.”

Like many, we have all heard this or said this at some time in our life.

Many are putting time into their weight loss, but the type of effort they are giving—specifically their 

Easy Tips To Help You Avoid Gaining Fat

Mixed Fruit
I have a relative that’s struggling with losing weight… well to be honest she’s been struggling on and off for her entire life. She gets excited about losing weight and makes a concerted effort for a few weeks… but eventually her efforts taper off and she’s back to her old habits of eating bad […]